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The Processionary Caterpillar

Urticating hairs of the caterpillar larvae cause harmful reactions in humans and other mammals.

Now the weather is beginning to warm up to its time again to warn pet owners of the dangers of the “candy floss” white nests that have appeared rapidly in the fir trees above our heads!

This is the nest of the PROCESSIONARY CATERPILLAR and they arrive in their thousands!! – They are dangerous to humans too but because dogs & cats are inquisitive & like to nosey about on the ground sniffing out what’s new – that is when pets get themselves into trouble..

The caterpillars get their name because they follow each other in a “procession” actually looking quite sweet, innocent and cute; they are dark brown in colour. The caterpillars hatch from their nests and follow each other across a pathway or road making a definite line to their onward destination. It is at this point that canines and felines wander up to the “little monsters” & have a good sniff to investigate the findings – & get into trouble.

If your pet comes into contact with the caterpillars it is imperative that you wash well the area & get your pet to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

The caterpillars are covered in thousands of tiny hairs which get hooked on the skin, mouth or nose, they imbed into pets and then literally “eat away on flesh”. Avoid exercising pets in the pine forests until the end of April.